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Quality Vintage Audio started as an offshoot of Quality Vintage Collectibles, a place to share the records and hi-fi gear at the shop, something very part time. Over the last two years our collection has expanded, y’all have shown up and we’re now part time records_! Thanks to the support of our vinyl community, bringing you records, new and old, is now a fulltime dream.


Our name represents the beginnings of the shop and a reminder not to take anything too seriously. Like Black Country, New Road says in Basketball Shoes, “if you see me looking strange with a fresh new style. I’m still not feeling that great.” Don’t worry, same old shop! Same impassioned employees, topnotch picks, and stop-at-nothing customer service.


Sidenote: It’s not like we’re that cool and original…the name part time records was already taken by two rad record labels in Denmark and Australia. Considering we’re in different parts of the world and we have no plans for a label, they were gracious enough to allow us to bring the name stateside for our record store.


Thanks for coming along with us for this adventure!

3516 Plainfield Ave NE, Suite B

Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Monday-Friday: 11 AM – 6 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 4 PM

Vinyl DJ Booking inquiries

DM via Instagram


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