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dj bad judgement jon

Looking for an all-vinyl DJ for your event?

Want to have a vinyl pop up at your restaurant or taproom?


Who else would be a part time DJ but a guy that goes by bad judgement jon...and can't even be bothered to capitalize it?  

BAD judgement?

Don’t let the name fool you, we don’t do anything part time around here. When it comes to crafting a playlist and building a set, bad judgement jon’s judgement is spot on. Let us help you set the vibe for your next event with the perfect music to impress your guests.


Check out a our past sets or follow us on socials for show announcements.


Bad judgement never sounded so good.

Between Jon’s personal collection and the stacks at the shop, each set is created to fit your occasion. Jon listens to your needs, works to tap into the style you're seeking and only needs an electric outlet to spin.


Reach out on Instagram to start planning your vinyl event.

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